Interested in being a Speaker?

GCEI is able to facilitate meaningful and educational experiences for prospective students because of the genetic counselors and genetic counseling students who volunteer to be our speakers.

If you would like to be a speaker, here is additional information about how we organize our programs.

Our Presentation Objectives

GCEI utilizes a flexible list of objective to help our speakers organize their presentation. You can review the objectives of our Syndrome Symposium and Case Series . . .


Our Use of Zoom and Social Media

GCEI utilizes Zoom for our presentations and discussions, and social media to promote our programs to prospective students. You can review a detailed description of our use of Zoom and social media . . .


Contact us

If you would like to be a speaker please feel free to email us at:

Please provide your name and details of the presentation you would like to give in addition to potential presentation dates.

GCEI takes speakers all year round and will work to schedule presentations at the speaker’s convenience.

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